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Purchasing a Cat

So you wish to purchase a cat.

Before you start to look remember to consider the basics. A cat is a lifelong commitment and you need to consider not just the day to day costs of food, cat litter etc but do you have time to play and groom your new friend. What arrangements will you make if you go away on holiday etc.

Next you need to decide on the rigt breed for you and your family. As well as information on this site there is the GCCF site and many breeds also have Breed clubs. Even if you are not looking to show, going to a cat show if also a good chance to see the different breeds up close and to talk to breeders and owners. 

Once you have decided on the breed you need to find a breeder. 

What can you expect from the breeder?
  • You should be able to see the mother and full litter not just the kitten you are being offered. 
  • Details of socialisation that has already taken place and advice on how to prooceed when you take kitten home.
  • Details of current feeding rountines. Many breeders will send you home with a supply of food for the first couple of days.
  • Details of the vaccinations completed and when next ones are due.
  • Registration documents from the GCCF (if registered)
  • A pedigree certificate detailing the kittens ancestry
  • Written instructions on feeding, worming and fleaing
  • Ypu may be asked to sign a contract agreeing to neuter the kitten by a certain age

What can the breeder expect from you?
  • Please keep appointments if you can't make it or are running late let them know.
  • Do not visit more than one breeder in a day unless you have time to go home and change in between as their is risk of infection
  • Make it clear to the breeder if you wish to show as not all kittens in a litter are show quality
  • If you are looking for a specific colour or pattern you may need to wait. Breeders cannot control what the kittens will be like and the more specific you are to colour and pattern the less choice you may have. Remember in certain breeds colour can change as the cats mature. 
  • Please read the information that the Breeder gives you.


Below is a list of the Breeders who are members of the club. Please note the club does not endorse any of the Breeders listed as it is impossible for us to check the conditions the cats are kept in and therefore we cannot take responsibility for their general health.
If you visit one of the Breeders and have any concerns please contact us and we will look into the matter.

coming soon.....

Kittens for sale

In general we would advise that you contact a Breeder direct if you are looking for a kitten. However, any available kittens will be listed here.
We are currently not aware of any available kittens