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New Membership Category
We are now offering a Breeder membership for £15 per year.  We will list your details on the the website and you can also list as many kittens as you wish during the year at no additional cost.  We will also have a section for the rehoming of older cats.

Exisitng members can 'upgrade' their current membership by paying the additional £10. Please contact us in the first instance using the contact form. Thanks

Show Bench Competition 2017 results

​The show bench results for 2017 are in. After spending 6 hours collating it I realised I had forgotten to split out Adults, Kittens and Neuters. So for this year there is one overall individual cat in each breed but I have rectified this for 2018.

Prefix - Heathrose - Ian Morris
Cat - Heathrose Ursa Major owned by Ian Morris

Prefix - Heathrose - Ian Morris
Cat - Heathrose Benjamin Button owned by Ian Morris

Prefix - Maysula - Doreen Dobson
Cat - Maysula Barcardi owned by Doreen Dobson

Maine Coon
Prefix - Dark Tower - J Edwards
Cat - Isadorayou Lovebug owned by Debbie Collingwood

Prefix - Esaya - Audrey Saye (this was extremely tight with Belkaton (Kate Staveley) only 2 points behind)
Cat - Belkaton Pushka Tatanya owned by Claire Norman & Keira Maxfield