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Turkish Van

Characteristics quick guide

  • Ease of Grooming

  • Amount of sheding

  • Affectionate

  • Vocal

  • Kid Friendly

  • Playfulness

​General statistics

Average age - 12 to 14 years
Average weight - females 7 to 12lbs, males 10 to 20lbs
Time to mature - 3 years
Breed group - semi long haired
Known health issues - ​none

The Tukish Van is also known as the swimming cat. They are an ancient breed from the middle east and have been kept as pets for hundreds of years. They first appeared in the UK in 1950's.

They are a strong muscular and agile cat who likes to be up high. They are loyal and affectionate. As there nick name suggests they love water and will often dunk their toys in the water bowl.

The coat does not tangle easily but it is a good idea to brush them to remove dirt and loose hair.